It is a demonstration of the importance of your education and the approach to it you should take. Professional, respectable dress is a reflection of the College’s ethos and expectations for adult life.
Smart shoes - they must take polish
Smart trousers or skirt, e.g. chinos, tailored trousers/skirt
Collared shirt/blouse or smart top (to fully meet/tuck into trousers/skirt at waist)
Smart dress
Note: Skirts must be no more than 3 inches above the knee and must not be lycra/bodycon/stretchy

Not permitted:

● Hats (indoors)
● Visible body piercings, except earrings
● Visible tattoos
● Casual footwear/trainers/flip flops/excessively high heels
● Sheer/revealing clothing
● Spaghetti/strapless tops
● Clothing with large (bigger than a £2 coin)/offensive or inappropriate logos
● Hoodies
● Leggings
● Shorts
● Casual trousers, e.g. combats/jeans/tracksuit trousers/joggers
● Ripped clothing

N.B. Sixth Form lanyards and ID badges must be worn at all times. 

Final decisions about the appropriateness of dress will be taken by the Head of Sixth Form or Principal. Failure to adhere to the dress code will result in being sent home to change clothing. Repeated instances of inappropriate dress will result in further sanctions.

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