A. To enquire about a place or to register your child on the waiting list for all years from Reception to year 13, please email the admissions department at waitinglist@srrcc.org.uk and the admissions officer will repsond as soon as possible. or telephone 020 8325 4630.

A. Yes, applications are invited from all parents who wish their child to receive a Catholic education. The High School welcomed into its first cohorts of pupils a number of children of other faiths and traditions, and some of no declared faith. In the Primary School, 10 of the 30 places in Reception class are allocated without reference to relgion. Children who have these places will have priority should they wish to transfer to the high school after Year 6. Catholic schools in England and Wales educate over 800,000 children and young people; over 25% of whom are non-Catholic. The College seeks to be more than just a place where pupils are equipped with learning and skills for the workplace and responsible citizenship. Rather, to be a community where the spiritual, cultural and personal worlds within which we live are harmonised to form the roots from which grow our values, motivation, aspirations and the moral imperatives that inform our choices and actions as persons (Gravissimum Educationis).  

A. The College site has been developed over recent years as the roll increased. The first stage of building work was completed on time and within budget in 2013. The former Curriculum and Teacher Centre was completely refurbished to provide new classrooms, science labs, music rooms and so forth with modern IT facilities and soft and hard play areas. Everything one should expect in a school. The RACC building (former grammar school) came into the possesion of the College in 2014. It was completely refurbished and provides all the accomodation the College required until September 2017. A new teaching block, the Elizabeth Building was completed at the end of 2017 and includes a dining hall, primary and secondary classrooms, a hall, library and a sixth form centre. It also has a sports hall shell which was completed in Decmeber 2019. The College borrowed the necessary funds to build and fit out the sports hall and donations to help repay the loan are invited. 

A. The College has indoor and outdoor sports facilities and  benefits from a partnership with St Mary's University College together with other Sports Clubs in the local area via the Richmond School Sports Partnership. The College offers a wide a range of activities within the school day and after school including rugby, Association Football, netball, basketball, rowing, fencing and cheer leading. The College offered 20 sports overall during the last academic year The College values competitive and social sport to encourage and develop health related fitness habits in our young people. Our new sports hall wascompleted in December 2019.

A. The Primary School is located within the new Elizabeth Building. It is self-contained and has its own hard and soft outdoor play area. 

A. The College seeks excellence in all subject areas. In the high school, the College teaches children in groups of up to 30 through a wide and engaging curriculum. Religious Education is the core subject to which all other subjects relate. The College seeks excellence in all subject areas: Mathematics, English, Sciences, Modern and Classical Languages, the Arts, the Humanities, Physical Education and competitive sport, and a particular specialism in Music will be developed. Every pupil will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument..

The governing body has appointed a highly talented, experienced and dedicated teaching and support staff to ensure that each pupil reaches his or her full potential across a wide and engaging curriculum. The staff places great emphasis on pastoral care and seeks to inculcate in the pupils kindness, consideration and respect for others.

See Curriculum, Teaching and Learning sections of our website for mopre details.

A. Term dates and school day timings can be found in the 'parent information' sections on our website. The high school and primary school have different start and finish times.

A. Uniforms help define the ethos of a school and the standards expected. They help give pupils pride in their school and make them ambassadors for their school in the community. The Pupils will be expected to wear the official College uniform at all times. The primary school will have a different uniform from the high school but they will share the same badge and colour scheme.

Stevensons is the official uniform supplier. Stevensons has a branch in Twickenham only a few hundred yards from Clifden Road. Uniform is available  instore and online at www.stevensons.co.uk. The various items were selected after consultation with a panel of parents and pupils. Personal fittings can be arranged for each child. SOme seocnd hand uniform items are available; contact the college office for more imnformation. See 'Uniform' under 'Parent Information' on our website.

A. All Voluntary Aided Catholic schools must find a proportion of their capital budget through voluntary contributions. This is normally raised through parental contributions and donations from parishioners and the wider community. Parents at the College are expected to contribute to this fund although this is not compulsory and the details of any donations are highly confidential. Some parents give considerable sums, some a few pounds a week but every penny is spent on improving the educational facilities at the College. As the College is part of the Diocese of Westminster and, as a charity, it is allowed to claim back tax through Gift Aid. The College completed the sports hall thanks to an interest-free loan of £1.2 million. £800,000 has been raised already. Most of the 400+ Catholic schools and colleges in London were built through the generosity of generations before us. Some parents make very substantial donations, some more modest amounts. Whatever the size, all donations are very much appreciated. The amount you give is entirely up to you but, as a guide, we would suggest £300 per year or roughly £6 a week per student for High School parents and £150 per year or roughy £3 a week per pupil for Primary School parents. (Donations are voluntary and admission to the College is not dependent on making a donation). See Governors' Fund for more information HERE

A. Open days and tours of the High School, Sixth Form and Primary School will be held in the autum term. See the Admissions sections for details.

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