"Competitive sport and physical education form a vital part of a rounded education"


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Physical education prepares children to be physically and mentally fit and active for life. We aim to foster a lifetime commitment to sport and physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Lessons are planned to develop pupils' physical skills in a variety of specialisms as well as their tactical knowledge and understanding of rules. We follow a more traditional curriculum with a focus on basketball and rugby early on in the school year. Pupils will also develop their skills and abilities in areas such as netball, gym, dance, rounders, cricket and athletics.

St Richard Reynolds Catholic College provides pupils with many opportunities to enjoy and excel at a wide variety of sports including rugby, football, cricket, netball, basketball, rowing, rounders, tennis, archery, cheerleading and fencing. No fewer than 20 sports were offered in the first year of the College. There are indoor facilities and a playing field on site and the school has a sporting relationship with St Mary’s University Twickenham.

Fitness guidance

Maintaining and improving your fitness is hugely important to living a healthy lifestyle. It is also essential knowledge to have with regards to your fitness assessment in PE. You cannot rely on exercise & fitness in your PE lessons to score a high level of assessment; you need to be doing regular fitness at home or at your club to be meeting the governments requirements. Perhaps its also time to think about HOW you get to school? Walking/cycling are great ways to travel and will contribute to your overall health.

See HERE for NHS guidelines for pupils in KS3/4 & 5

Primary PE

Rec race loEarly years and Year 1 receive two lessons a week of specialist PE teaching. These lessons develop pupils’ fine motor skills and overall physical development. The basics of walking, running and different ways of travelling are covered through fun games and activities. Sending and receiving a variety of objects in practice and small game situations are also a key component of lessons. Pupils learn through multi-skill activities as well as skill-focused activities. Games, gym, dance and athletics are examples of the topics covered.

Backflip performers is gymnastics company run by five times British Gymnastics Champion, Katie Cannon. Backflip performers help children learn gymnastic skills they as well as learning many important life and physical skills along the way, which can be used within other aspects of their lives. The skills of the Backflip Performers staff are very unique. They specialise in teaching basic gymnastic skills but in a fun and interactive way. Please see the website for more information and the flyer for a free trial. Backflip Performers will be working with Reception and Year 1 in curriculum time from Sept.

For more details, click HERE

See the College PE Enrichment programme HERE

Karate at SRR

Funakoshi Karate are running karate classes after school on Fridays. For details, visit www.fskauk.co.uk

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