SRR painting webThe school is part of the Catholic Church’s international family of schools. Religious education in the school is in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church; and religious worship is in accordance with its rites and practices. At all times the school serves as a witness to the Catholic faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Mass is celebrated every Friday morning in the College. 

The College Motto


Richard Reynolds quoted Psalm 27 at his trial. The College motto is derived from one of the verses, Credo videre bona Domini in terra viventium (I believe to see the good things of the Lord in the land of the living), It is presented in the imperative - Videte bona Domini (See the good things of the Lord). The Motto encourages us to look at the good things God has given us; to discover them across the curriculum in literature, science, art, beautiful music and so forth as well as finding the talents He has given to us and others. It has an eschatological dimension to it as well in that we finally behold God's goodness in heaven.

"At the heart of Catholic education lies the Christian vision of the human person."

This vision is expressed and explored in religious education and worship, which plays a central and vital part in the life of faith of the Catholic school. At St Richard Reynolds Catholic College, Catholic religious education is the core subject and the foundation of the entire educational process. The beliefs and values studied in it inspire and draw together every aspect of the life of the College. As a result, all pupils have the right to receive an overall education which will enable them, in the light of the Faith of the Church, to engage with the deepest questions of life and find reasons for the hope which is within them (1 Peter 3:15).